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TkSftp - An X Wrapper for Sftp
:: What is TkSftp? ::  

TkSftp is a drop-in graphical user interface front-end for the sftp(1) program which comes with OpenSSH. It is an Expectk script which spawns and talks to an sftp(1) session.
:: Why TkSftp? ::  

Console mode sftp(1) can be a pain to use. The default sftp(1) shipped with OpenSSH doesn't come with tab completion or command line history recall, and if you are on systems with incompatible terminal emulation, backspace and other intuitive key bindings may be broken. Keeping track of the current working directory on both hosts can be confusing. TkSftp was written to address these shortcomings in sftp(1) without the need to recompile it.
:: Features ::  

  • Constant Local and Remote Host visual filesystem visualization
  • One click file transfer
  • Easy directory traversal
  • Seamless multiple file transfers
:: Getting TkSftp ::  

The easiest way to get TkSftp is by going to the TkSftp sourceforge project page