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TkSftp - An X Wrapper for Sftp
:: Todo ::  

  1. Implement mkdir, rm, rmdir, rename, chown, chmod, symlink

  2. Implement automagic directory transfers

  3. File-overwrite detection/interception and warning

  4. Handling of other login scenarios (public-key and fingerprint verification)

  5. File attribute display management (permissions, file sizes, etc.)

  6. Semi-intelligent installation system (to detect Expectk and set appropriate paths)

  7. Other fault tolerant code; handling of other sftp scenarios
:: Bugs/Limitations ::  

  1. TkSftp cannot be backgrounded (`tksftp &` breaks); sounds like something to do with expectk and process handling

  2. If the file operations buttons are clicked, TkSftp fails to handle the error (0 length list) before Expect gets to it.

  3. Single clicks in the list box makes tksftp think i'm trying to select out of empty box - requires error handler

  4. Trapping in the chgdir wrapper for "*no such file*" requires a rewrite to be more inclusive of possible messages

  5. Everything in :: Todo :: currently has 0 support :(